Recover better,
Recover stronger,
Recover together.

15–16 June 2020


The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit will bring together thousands of leaders to decide how business can support countries and communities around the world to recover better, recover stronger, and recover together from three global crises – health, inequality and climate.
Our 20th anniversary Leaders Summit will virtually convene leading voices from Business, Government, the United Nations, Civil Society and Academia for a 26-hour conversation about how we can rebuild more inclusive economies and societies to set a new course for a socially just, low-carbon and climate resilient world, where no one is left behind.
UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called COVID-19 “the greatest test that we have faced together since the formation of the United Nations”. This pandemic is an important reminder that no nation, no business, no individual is stronger than the weakest among us in our interdependent world. Everyone is invited to inspire, learn and contribute to the strong recovery the world needs.
As we continue to combat current crises such as climate change and COVID-19, we must also reinvigorate our fight against the historically enduring, deep-rooted and deadly threat of racism. We at the UN Global Compact call on all companies to actively reject and fight racism in all its forms and encourage all our speakers to share their best practices at the Leaders Summit.

Inspiring Plenaries

Be inspired by today's leading voices from the UN, Government, Business and Academia during plenaries and panel discussions as we kick-start global conversatins about how we rebuild more inclusive economies and societies.

Regional Sessions

As we chase the sun, leaders from around the world will share lessons learned, examples of inspiring leadership and innovations to support our world recover better, stronger and most importantly, together. 


Imagine the possibilities when you video chat with thousands of sustainability leaders who are shaping the future. Together, through collaboration and bold actions, we can enact powerful change.