Supporting Partners


The SAP Next-Gen program is a purpose driven innovation university and community for the SAP ecosystem enabling companies, partners and universities to connect and innovate with purpose linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Reimagine the future of industries and experience management with exponential technologies.
Seed in disruptive innovation with startups. Build skills for digital futures. Showcase thought leadership.



Growing customer expectations. Market-shaping AI. Self-optimizing systems. The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for new ideas powered by intelligent technologies has never been greater.

But a vision for the future can't be realized without know-how. We partner with our clients to drive real innovation—the kind that turns an idea into an industry helping them transform and grow their organizations.



We are a female-owned business committed to advancing equality. Gender equality is not a female issue; it’s a social and economic imperative. The Female Quotient is advancing equality in the workplace and the world through collaboration, bringing visibility to women, activating solutions for change, and creating metrics for accountability.
A company alone has power; collectively, we have impact. The FQ Practice helps organizations become a catalyst for change and achieve a return on equality. We are advancing equality in the workplace and in media through solutions for change, measurements for accountability, and helping companies become equality fit.